Saturday, June 16, 2018

FowWorld : About and Projects

FowWorld is a global diversified Organisation with strategic investments in key international economic, real estate, trade, education, training (human capacity development), entertainment, media and humanitarian arm (GLOBAL FAMILY FUNDS  - NGO) founded in 1999.

FowWorld is a fast growing organistion, positively imparting different sectors of the world. 

This organistion serves as one of the major employers of labour globally, satisfying the financial, intellectual and welfare needs of its vast, multi-talented and professional employees. 

FowWorld company focuses on the following:

A) International Trade (
FowWorld through its subsidiary company TRANSNATIONAL TRADE AND COMMERCE CENTRE organizes top trade summit and expos around the world annually, and they include:

1) World Trade Summit & Expo -
2) Nigeria Week and Trade Expo -
3) Nigeria Asia Week & Trade Expo -,
4) Nigeria Trade Summit -
5) Nigeria-Australia Week & Trade Expo -
6) The World Shoe expo -

B) Property and Real Estate (
Fow World Properties is the property arm of FowWorld which focus on

1) Nigeria Property Expo
2) Real World Television Programme
3) Global Housing and Real Estate Summit and Expo
4) Citizenship and Residency by Real Estate and Property Investment Fair
5) Build Nigeria Housing and Real Estate Summit and Expo
6) Nigeria Residential and Commercial Land, Infrastructural Development Conference

C) Programmes and Project Management (
FowWorld through its subsidiary company TRAIN NIGERIA LEARN NIGERIA organizes trainings, exchange programmes, trade summits and expos around the world annually, and they include: 

1) Train Nigeria learn Nigeria –
2) Project 360 Global Entrepreneurship Manpower Development and Empowerment Training Programme –
3) Nigeria-Australia Week & Trade Expo -

D) Humanitarian Arm (NGO) : This is the humanitarian arm of FowWorld
1) Global Family Fund

E) FOW 24NEWS is the media(Promotion) aspect of FowWorld, responsible for reporting news via television, radio, online news media, social media marketing and promotions (FOW

Please Note: 
FowWorld’s mandate is to be a voice, promote, mentor and inspire excellence to humanity, while encouraging training, education, investment, trade, projects and manpower development, always staying ahead( 

To get more information on our projects follow our handle below 

Twitter : @FowWorld_
Facebook : @FowWorld
Instagram : Fow World

FowWorld ...always Ahead!

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