Monday, August 13, 2018

Buchi George - CEO - FowWorld

Hon. Nwabueze, Buchi George, Born on August 27, 1974, he has evolved to become a Global Media entrepreneur and Education Activist, who has crested his name on the sand of time with his numerous achievements, Work, Awards and honors

 Buchi George as he is fondly called, hails Imo State, Nigeria and his unquenchable desire for Education saw him bag first, second and third degrees in Political Science,  Aviation Management and Law from University of Uyo, Nigeria; Massey College New Zealand and National Open University, Nigeria respectively.

 He has so far served in various capacities in both public and private sectors and is the, President, Face of the World Organisation, United Nations Fashion week and Common Wealth Fashion week and awards, Chairman of FOW World Media GROUP , (,Fow 24 Fm-Radio, Fow Tv News Channel), World Trade Summit and Expo-WTSE; Executive Director of Global Family Funds On Education and Publisher and Editor in chief, of Headliners Magazine, National Mail Newspaper, Real World,-real Estate Magazine, Mid-week News.

August 2004 – Present (14 years )ABUJA NIGERIA
Fow World is a Global media and Properties and Real Estate Company brand owners of Fow World Properties and Real Estate Development Company, Fow World Corporation,,Fow 24 FM and Fow Prints amongst others.
Buchi George, is also the CEO of ORGE Lounge, Entertainment village, Abuja,EVA-CENTRE, ORGE wine shop, among other companies where he sits at the top.

 His love for fashion saw him create his own fashion label, BGE-ORGE and he pushed on to be the Executive Producer of MISS FACE OF THE WORLD, MISS NATIONS, MISS QUEEN WORLD,THE LEADING MEN, Pageant TV, Fashion weekly and has also founded many other television programmes and International pageants and Global fashion weeks and awards, which have shaped the Global pageantry industry in both Nigeria and global stage where he is currently playing.

 For his love for education of less privileged children especially, Hon. Nwabueze Buchi George, was in 2012 presented with a United Nations Medal of Honour as Global Children Education Activist, a title that made him an Ambassador of United Nations.

 He has so far used this role in making great impacts globally as a Global Campaigner of Children Education; REFORMED Education Activist and Children Education Advocate.

 With his role as a United Nations Ambassador and a lover of fashion and pageantry, Buchi George combined his experiences to kick off United Nations Fashion Week and Awards( UNFW), a fashion and awards production, that supports Global Campaign for Child Education.

 The project is targeted at increasing the host nation’s direct foreign investments,Education and Global tourism, while also providing upcoming and established designers and Talents , Skills with a brand new market, networking opportunities and a platform to expand to more nations.

 He has also proposed the Commonwealth Fashion Week which is expected to take place in 2018 and 2020 during the Commonwealth Head of State Meeting in London, United Kingdom and Malaysia respectively. Hon, Amb. Nwabueze Buchi George, also is motivational speaker, who has imbibed skills,Talents and creativity as tool for Education of children and youths across the world.

 His projects have occupied major spots on the Global calendars of most international celebrities in the fashion world and pageantry especially.

 They include: Miss Face Of The World Pageant; Global Fashion Week And Awards,Global FASHION FORWARDS, Mister Face Of The World; Society For Child Education charity Concert; Miss Ebony World; Global Models Awards; Face Of World Awards; Miss GRAND CITY, MISS NATIONS, MISS GRAND TOURISM, WORLD DANCE BATTLE, MISTER FACE OF THE WORLD, Mister Ebony World; Mister Global Tourism, amongst others. 

FowWorld ...always Ahead!

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